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Surrey Environment Partnership Review April 2019 – March 2020

Activity and achievements

Managing Surrey’s waste: Responding to national change

In December 2018, the Government published its Resources and Waste Strategy for England. The strategy sets out how the Government proposes to ‘preserve material resources by minimising waste, promoting resource efficiency and moving towards a circular economy in England’.

The proposals could have a significant impact on the way local government is funded to manage waste, the types and quantities of materials collected, and the methods used to collect waste. The specific proposals include:

  • Making packaging producers responsible for paying for the full costs of managing their waste.
  • Introducing a deposit return scheme for drinks containers to encourage recycling rates and reduce litter.
  • Introducing a producer tax on plastic packaging, encouraging the use of 30% recycled content in packaging products.
  • Implementing standardised household waste collections, including a consistent set of core materials for recycling.

SEP responded to consultations on these proposals in May 2019 and was generally supportive of the aims of the strategy which are designed to have a positive impact on the environment. The Government’s response to the consultations was then fully analysed by SEP and recommendations made on the next steps, which were approved at the Members Group on 25 September 2019.

A consultation task group was set up early this year in preparation for responding to the second round of consultations. A draft SEP response to the second consultation on plastic packaging tax has been prepared and will be submitted ahead of the deadline on 20 August 2020. The second consultations on the other proposals are now expected to take place later in the year.

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