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Annual review

Surrey Environment Partnership
April 2020 – March 2021

Activity and achievements 2020-21

Managing Surrey’s waste: Digital channel development

A new SEP website and SEP social media channels were created and launched to coincide with the updated brand name on 1 April 2019. These communications channels enable SEP to share campaign messages and information with residents and directly engage with them. It also allows partner authorities to share content and direct residents to the SEP website for further information. During 2020-21 we continued to develop and grow all these SEP channels.


  • The SEP website had 741,791 pageviews, which was an increase of 158% compared to 2019-20.
  • There were 392,994 new visitors to the site.
  • 14,586 visitors came to the SEP website via a partner website – 4% of the total website users.

Top 3 most visited pages

  1. Surrey Recycles search tool
  2. Food
  3. Help your crew to help you

Social media

On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter we interact daily with Surrey residents. We share regular and relevant content in various formats, including articles, quizzes, photos, films, short animations (GIFs) and campaign artwork. We also have a SEP YouTube channel where residents can view our films, which are all produced in-house.

SEP’s partner authorities are asked to share the content and we have also built relationships with local bloggers and businesses who continue to share our messages. We engage with residents through comments, direct messages and by using interactive posts where they are asked to share their top tips or participate in campaigns.

During 2020-21: 

  • SEP’s Facebook page gained a further 1,900 followers and posts were seen 4,051,885 times.
  • Engagements on Facebook (likes, shares, comments, link clicks, video views), increased four-fold to 260,417, with an average of 21,701 engagements each month.
  • SEP’s Instagram channel gained 962 new followers with posts seen 1,363,771 times which generated 12,415 engagements.
  • SEP’s Twitter account gained 303 followers with posts seen 1,148,700 times.
  • There were 762,775 views of SEP films on YouTube, which were viewed for a total of 8,048 hours.

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