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Annual review

Surrey Environment Partnership
April 2020 – March 2021

Activity and achievements 2020-21

Managing Surrey’s waste: Encouraging composting at home

The best thing that residents can do with garden and food waste is to compost it at home. So, during 2020-21, SEP continued to subsidise the cost of compost bins and hot composters to encourage Surrey residents to use them.

Hot composter sale - instagramAs well as offering a year-round discount, in 2020-21 we trialled two bank holiday weekend sales, one for compost bins and one for hot composters, which can compost all food waste, offering a bigger discount for a limited period.

During the first lockdown, we encouraged residents to compost as they couldn’t visit a CRC and had more time at home. This resulted in greater interest and a higher sale of bins, which then increased substantially when we ran the first time-limited sale at the end of May.

The sale at the end of May saw a ten-fold increase in sales over the same period the year before.

Bin sake instagram post

This saw a ten-fold increase in sales over the same period the year before. The hot composter sale over the August bank holiday followed and was also very successful. Almost the same number of hot composters sold in three days as in the whole of the previous year.

Using WRAP’s methodology, we have estimated that the saving from tonnage diversion over five years will make back the cost of subsidising a compost bin plus a 200% saving. For a hot composter, the additional saving is over 400%.

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