Food in freezer

Reducing your food waste

It’s estimated that one in five bags of food shopping goes to waste each week. Across Surrey that adds up to a substantial amount of food, but also money wasted. Did you know that an average family of four could save £70 a month simply by reducing the amount of food they waste?

Recycling your food waste by using a caddy is great; but reducing the amount of food waste we produce in the first place is the real solution.
Surprisingly there are some small, easy changes we can make to our daily habits that could make a world of difference.

Three simple tips to reduce food waste

Save food, money and the planet by:

  • Freezing food near its ‘Use By’ date
  • Making meals from leftovers
  • Planning meals and avoiding over-buying – why not try a food shopping app?

Apps to help reduce food waste

This is where technology can help. There are some great apps you can use that will help with shopping for and planning your meals, meaning you only buy what you need and that you use everything that you have bought! Others allow you to buy local food that would otherwise go to waste, for example from restaurants in your area.

We hope you enjoy trying-out these apps which you can download from Google Play and the App Store. We’d love to hear how you are getting on and whether it has helped you to waste less food. Please contact us on:

This food app has tools that help you to reduce food waste, over-buying and wasted money. Features include a barcode scanner, ‘Use By/Best Before’ date reminders and a meal-planning feature.

Save food and money with this free app that designs recipe plans after scanning your grocery shopping receipts. It helps you keep track of the food you have at home even when you’re on the move, reducing the amount of food and money otherwise wasted each week.

This app has been designed to link-up surplus food with neighbours and local retailers to avoid food going to waste. You can also trade other items such as garden tools or kitchen appliances.

This app offers you the chance to get a ‘green’ takeaway! Buy surplus food from shops at a reduced price, meaning you get to tackle food waste in a delicious way. This one is already active in nine European countries – why not give it a go?

If you’d like to buy food directly from local farmers, try this farm-to-door style food delivery. You can dine with a clean conscience, knowing that you are choosing to eat in a sustainable way.

Use this app if you’d like to track how healthy, sustainable and ethical the companies you buy from and their products are, simply by scanning the product’s barcode using the app.