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Recycling bin

Wheelie light green bin
Recycling is collected from your green bin, communal wheeled bin or sacks (if your property has been assessed and is unsuitable for bins) every other week.

Yes please

  • Dry paper and cardboard
  • Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays – including detergent bottles, cleaning bottles with trigger sprays, yoghurt pots, ready meal trays and ice cream tubs
  • Metal tins, cans and aerosols
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Clean aluminium foil and trays
  • Food and drink cartons
  • Plastic and metal caps and tops – please rinse these and put in the recycling bin separately
  • Batteries (please leave household batteries in a clear sandwich bag next to your green wheeled bin for collection)

Please rinse out any containers before putting them in your recycling bin.

No thanks: nappies, expanded polystyrene, hard plastics (like Tupperware, toys and furniture), liquid soap pumps, light bulbs, black bags, crisp packets and food pouches (like pet food or baby food pouches).

Clothes and home textiles

Clear waste bag
Clothes and home textiles are collected every week. Place clean and dry items into a tied carrier bag and leave it next to your bin, on your normal collection day.

Yes please

  • All clothes, including shirts, coats, tights and underwear
  • Pairs of shoes
  • Accessories like belts and bags
  • Home textiles including towels and sheets

No thanks: single shoes and stuffed items like cushions and duvets.

Small electricals

Clear waste bag
Small electricals are collected every week. Place items in a tied carrier bag labelled as ‘electricals’ and leave next to your bin on your normal collection day.

Yes please

  • Kettles and toasters
  • Hair dryers and straighteners
  • Games consoles
  • Radios
  • Clocks, alarms and watches

No thanks: large electrical items like televisions, computer monitors, microwaves or white goods.

Outside food waste bin

Food waste is collected every week from your outside food waste bin. You can use plastic liners and bags to help keep your caddy clean.

Yes please

  • All cooked and uncooked food
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds
  • Fruit and vegetable peelings
  • Egg shells
  • Meat
  • Fish bones and skin
  • Mouldy bread, cakes and pastries
  • Food that’s passed its use by date

No thanks: packaging, liquids like milk or yoghurt, oil or liquid fat.

Find out more about food waste collections.

Garden waste

Wheelie brown bin
You can subscribe to a garden waste collection service in Guildford and have garden waste collected from a brown bin.

Yes please

  • Hedge cuttings
  • Cut flowers, prunings and plants
  • Twigs and small branches
  • Grass cuttings and leaves

No thanks: bricks and rubble, soil and turf, plant pots and plastics, pet or food waste and branches thicker than 3″ (7.5cm).

Find out more about how garden waste can be composted at home or taken to Surrey’s recycling centres.

Rubbish bin

Wheelie black bin
Rubbish is collected from your black bin, communal wheeled bin or sacks (if your property has been assessed and is unsuitable for bins) every other week. Please use it for normal household waste that cannot be recycled.

No thanks: batteries and electricals, energy saving light bulbs, gloss or oil based paints, gas canisters and bricks, rubble or soil. Visit a community recycling centre to dispose of these.

The Guildford Borough Council website has full details of Guildford’s recycling and rubbish service.

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