Our strategy

Dealing with the huge amount of waste generated in Surrey homes is the challenging and costly job undertaken by members of the Surrey Environment Partnership.

Surrey’s plan for waste management (known as the Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy) outlines how we do it and on a regular basis we take a fresh look at the strategy and update it. This ensures we’re continuing to manage Surrey’s waste in the best, most cost effective way.

Following a consultation with residents, a revised strategy was adopted by the partnership in December 2014. It has since been adopted by Surrey County Council and all 11 district and borough councils in the county. Read the strategy here.

A detailed list of actions has also been created which explains how the strategy is going to be delivered. Whilst most partners have adopted all of the actions, some have chosen to deliver certain actions in a different way. Please visit the Surrey County Council website or your local district or borough council website to find out more.

The partnership has also adopted strategies which aim to reduce fly-tipping and single-use plastics in Surrey. You can read both strategies below.

Read the waste management strategy.

Read the waste management action plan.

Read the single-use plastics strategy.

Read the fly-tipping strategy.

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