Social media policy

Surrey Environment Partnership (SEP) runs various social media accounts and reserves the right to take action in relation to social media posts or messages which:

  • Are abusive
  • Are harassing
  • Are threatening
  • Use sexist, racist or other unacceptable language/swear words which are intended to cause concern/harm
  • Are defamatory or libellous
  • Break the law (such as hate crime)
  • Are spam
  • Contain inappropriate material (photographs or video)
  • Incite someone/people to break the law

Inappropriate content will be removed immediately from the SEP social media feeds. SEP also reserves the right to block users who are in breach of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.

We may also report the matter to the police or take legal action where behaviour amounts to abuse or harassment or in the case of libellous or defamatory posts or messages.