What to do with an item

It’s not always easy to know what can be recycled but the Surrey Recycles search tool can help. Use it to check what to do with your recycling and waste. Simply enter your postcode and an item to find out whether to reuse, recycle or throw it away. You can check what your local council collects, what other local recycling and reuse services are nearby and details of your local recycling banks and community recycling centres.

You can also click on the links in the tool to play Recycle Right, our fun waste sorting game that tests your knowledge of your bins; to find out what happens to waste in Surrey; and to download the tool as an app to your phone.

And if you need some quick tips to help you boss your bins, such as putting all items in your recycling bin clean, dry and loose (not in plastic bags or sacks), you can read our five recycling hacks here.

Find out more about your local recycling and waste collection service.