Rethink Waste

In June 2023, the Surrey Environment Partnership launched a waste reduction incentive scheme, Rethink Waste, across the county.

The scheme works via an interactive digital platform that all Surrey residents can sign up to. Once registered, residents have access to their own personalised interactive dashboard through which they can engage with tailored content and participate in ‘learn and earn activities’ such as videos, blogs, pledges and quizzes.

Residents earn points by pledging, taking a quiz or watching a film. Residents then spend points in several ways including donating points to charities or local schools and entering prize draws.

The aim of the scheme is to encourage residents to reduce the amount of waste they produce by offering incentives to engage with relevant content.

The Surrey-wide scheme followed a trial that took place in Elmbridge during 2021-22.

As of April 2024, the scheme has seen various highlights:

  • 4,703 Surrey households signed up, in addition to the 3,011 that signed up during the trial.
  • Over 65,000 activities completed.
  • Nearly 16,000 prize draws entered.
  • Over 600 donations to charity made.
  • Over 400 donations to Surrey primary schools.
  • Five Surrey primary schools awarded a combined £6,000 to deliver projects that benefit their environment.

To take part in this movement to reduce Surrey’s waste, sign up to Rethink Waste now.