SEP 2025 – a partnership approach to waste and recycling

SEP 2025 is an interim plan that was developed to bridge the gap between Surrey’s existing, out-of-date Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy (JMWMS) and the Government’s new measures for dealing with recycling and waste that were expected following the publication of the Resources and Waste Strategy in 2018.

In such a period of uncertainty, the aim of SEP 2025 is to reflect SEP’s vision and provide clear strategic direction for the partnership between now and 2025, working towards zero waste in Surrey.

The plan aligns with the Government’s ambitions such as a 55% recycling rate by 2025, and 65% by 2035. It aims to tackle decarbonisation by planning changes to Surrey’s waste collection vehicle fleets. The short-term aim is to reduce emissions and move towards net-zero emissions in the longer term. Delivery plans with actions for each authority to support the priorities in SEP 2025 have been developed and progress updates are being reported quarterly to the SEP Funding Board.

You can read SEP 2025 here.

On Saturday 21 October 2023, the Government released its response to the consultation on consistency in collections and further announced the following three key waste reforms.

1. Simpler Recycling
2. Introduction of mandatory digital waste tracking
3. Reforming the waste carrier, broker, and dealer regime in England

SEP is now considering the implications of these reforms for the partnership, whilst also awaiting further details of two packaging reforms known as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging and the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for drinks containers.