Litter Littering is costly, unsightly and is bad for the environment. Read on to find out more about it. What constitutes littering? Litter is something that is discarded improperly by members of the public and usually refers to smaller items, such as sweet wrappers and drinks containers. Anything as big as or larger than a single sack of rubbish would… Continue Reading Litter

Recycling in Surrey 2022-23

Recycling in Surrey 2022-23 Surrey residents and its councils are some of the country’s top performers when it comes to recycling and rubbish. We know this because each year we produce a report that looks at the latest available statistics on the matter. In particular, we measure ourselves on three key statistics: The proportion of material that residents threw away… Continue Reading Recycling in Surrey 2022-23

SMRT project

SMRT project Contamination of dry mixed recycling (DMR) is a serious and expensive issue that is best avoided as it costs councils, and the taxpayer, a lot of money to put right. The term ‘contamination’ refers to the presence of the wrong items in recycling bins. It can result in a whole truckload of recycling being rejected and disposed of… Continue Reading SMRT project

Recycling and Waste Service Guides

 Recycling and waste service guides Each year the JWS team works with SEP’s partner authorities to develop localised printed guides to recycling and waste to be distributed in their area. Management of the design, print and distribution of the guides by JWS means that costs can be saved by reducing the number of staff required to create them and procuring… Continue Reading Recycling and Waste Service Guides

Own Your Impact campaign

Own Your Impact campaign In 2022 we introduced the Own Your Impact (OYI) campaign across Surrey. The aim was to stimulate and sustain changes in attitude and behaviour and encourage Surrey residents to consider the impact of their actions in relation to waste reduction and recycling. Campaign phases focused on: Food waste reduction and recycling. Reducing contamination of recycling bins.… Continue Reading Own Your Impact campaign

SEP 25

SEP 2025 – a partnership approach to waste and recycling SEP 2025 is an interim plan that was developed to bridge the gap between Surrey’s existing, out-of-date Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy (JMWMS) and the Government’s new measures for dealing with recycling and waste that were expected following the publication of the Resources and Waste Strategy in 2018. In such… Continue Reading SEP 25

Rethink Waste

Rethink Waste In June 2023, the Surrey Environment Partnership launched a waste reduction incentive scheme, Rethink Waste, across the county. The scheme works via an interactive digital platform that all Surrey residents can sign up to. Once registered, residents have access to their own personalised interactive dashboard through which they can engage with tailored content and participate in ‘learn and… Continue Reading Rethink Waste

Our work

Our work The 2022-23 Surrey Environment Partnership (SEP) programme of work was designed to achieve the aims of SEP’s three joint strategies, which focused on waste reduction, food waste recycling and reducing the contamination of dry mixed recycling. The programme is delivered by the Joint Waste Solutions team. You can find out more about how the partnership works by reading… Continue Reading Our work