Annual review

Annual review Creating a greener, cleaner Surrey is a review of the programme of county-wide initiatives that were coordinated and funded by the Surrey Environment Partnership in 2018/19. Read it below or download a PDF of the report. See also Our strategyProjectsCommunications Surrey's target 70% 70% of Surrey's waste should be recycled. What happens to Surrey's waste? The Surrey Environment… Continue Reading Annual review

Copy of – Electricals

Electricals Electrical and electronic items are anything with wires, plugs, or that use batteries. Find out if you can recycle your electrical and electronic items at home, or where to take them with the recycling search tool. Yes please Headphones E-cigarette tips Electrical toys including games consoles Mobile phones Household appliances like irons, hairdryers, toasters, microwaves, radios Computers, equipment and screens… Continue Reading Copy of – Electricals

Copy of – Tins and cans

Tins and cans Food tins and drinks cans are made from steel or aluminium. Both of these items can be turned into new tins and cans again and again without any loss of quality. How are tins and cans recycled? After being collected from your recycling bin, your tins and cans are transported to a sorting facility, where they are… Continue Reading Copy of – Tins and cans


Electricals Once your electricals have been recycled they could be used for things like shipbuilding, galvanising railings and lampposts, in jewellery or musical instruments. How are electricals recycled? After being collected, electricals are taken to a reprocessing plant where they are shredded into small pieces. Using various processes, different types of metal and plastic are separated. Each individual type of… Continue Reading Electricals


Food Once recycled food waste creates bio-fertiliser and biogas, used to  generate electricity, heat and transport fuel. How is food waste recycled? After it is collected food waste is taken to an anaerobic digestion (AD) facility. Here the liners are removed and sent to an energy from waste plant and turned into electricity. Through AD, micro-organisms break down the food… Continue Reading Food

Garden waste

Garden waste Once your garden waste has been recycled, it is turned into compost or soil conditioner. How is garden waste recycled? After being collected, anything that can't be composted is removed from your garden waste, which is then shredded and laid out in a long line. It decomposes and, once it has broken down, is used as compost, which… Continue Reading Garden waste

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Swishing What is swishing? Swishing (or clothes swapping) parties are a great way to get a new wardrobe or refresh your current one without buying new clothes. At a swishing event you get together with friends, family, and others to swap your  wearable clothes and accessories like shoes, boots, bags and belts. You can simply organise an informal clothes swapping session… Continue Reading Swishing

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Share your recipe ideas Please share your recipes with us and they might appear on the website, Facebook and Twitter. Please include as much detail as you can, including weights of ingredients, step by step instructions and cooking times. You can share general food tips online too. All submissions are checked by a member of our team before being published and we… Continue Reading Share your recipe ideas