Five hacks to reduce food waste, 8 January 2019

If you want instant gains in your purse and for the planet, why not get clever and hack some everyday kitchen tasks?

By learning just five simple work-arounds to reduce the amount of food you waste, you could start saving right away and do your bit for the environment while you’re at it. You might already do some, like planning your meals, but by building a few extra steps into your routine, you’ll start seeing results quickly.

The five hacks are:

  1. Swat up on your serving sizes to ensure you cook and serve the correct portions.
  2. Plan your meals before hitting the supermarket.
  3. Use up your leftovers – check out our leftover recipes.
  4. Make use of your freezer by freezing meat, bread and hard cheese before they reach their use by date.
  5. Check your fridge temperature and make sure it is between 0 and 5°C.

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