Green Santa says let’s recycle more and better!

Doing your bit for the planet is easier than you may think, which is why Green Santa is urging us all to waste less and recycle more of the right things during the festive period!

That’s because it costs less to recycle than it does to dispose of rubbish. And it’s better for the environment too.

When the wrong things end up in recycling bins, like cards and paper with glitter on, there’s every chance the whole truckload of recycling will be rejected at the recycling facility because it has been contaminated, which costs local councils a huge amount of money to sort out.

If in doubt, check it out

If you’re confused about recycling, you’re not alone! That’s where the Surrey Recycles search tool comes in, or download the free app.

Recycling searches are based on your postcode, so you’ll see local information about how an item needs to be recycled as well. Food, clothes, small electricals, batteries and garden waste/Christmas trees must be recycled separately from the main dry mixed recycling container – how this is done varies by area within Surrey so it’s worth a search.

And if an item isn’t collected for recycling in your area, the search tool and app can tell you about local recycling schemes nearby.

Cutting food waste

As food waste is linked to climate change, we have plenty of tips and resources to help reduce it, including a range of food shopping apps and delicious recipes that will transform leftover festive food into new, tasty meals after Christmas.

Visit our festive tips page to read Green Santa’s seven other ways you can own your impact this Christmas.