Help your school win a portion of £6,000 for the environment

Surrey primary schools have been invited to take part in SEP’s Rethink Waste scheme and by doing so, they could win a portion of £6,000 to deliver a project that benefits the environment. If you want your school to take part, why not let them know about the scheme and encourage them to sign up?

Rethink Waste is helping Surrey residents waste less by providing weekly interactive content that members receive points for when they engage with it. Points can be used to enter prize draws, buy reduced price eco products or donate points to charities. And from 1 April – 14 June 2024, members can also donate points to local schools that are taking part.

At the end of the period, schools will be allocated a portion of £6,000 to carry out a project depending on how many points members have donated to them. Last year, a winning school used the funds to create an educational outdoor area focussed on sustainability.

If you think your school should take part, please contact them and ask them to sign up before 28 March 2024. To find out more details about signing up, schools can contact SEP now.