Our May / June compost bin sale has arrived!

Springtime brings sun, rain and warmth – everything you need for a beautiful garden except for one key ingredient: nutrient-rich soil. If you want to give some to your garden and help it come to life, grab a discounted compost bin, only available to Surrey residents, in our spring sale!

You can buy a black, 220 litre compost bin for just £17 including delivery that would normally cost £28.99. It composts all garden waste, and even some food waste such as vegetable peelings, eggshells and coffee grounds. If you’re after a bin that can compost all your food waste, why not go for the Green Johanna hot composter for £61, which includes free delivery and is reduced from £76.

Composting provides nutrient-rich soil which helps your garden to look its finest. It’s also the most environmentally friendly method of disposing of your food and garden waste, reducing your carbon footprint and in turn helping the planet!

To buy a discounted compost bin, visit the compost bin sale section of the SEP website between Monday 30 May and Sunday 5 June. Available while stocks last.