Power the planet with food waste

Ever looked longingly at your leftovers? The good news is, if you can’t finish your food, it doesn’t have to go to waste. Help the planet by recycling what you can’t eat and turn it into energy that can power your home.

Once your food caddy is full, your recycling is collected and taken to an anaerobic digestion facility. Here, food waste is broken down to produce biogas, which is collected and used to generate electricity. So, the more food waste you recycle, the less guilty you will feel about binge watching your favourite TV shows.

Contact your local council today to get hold of a caddy and benefit from Surrey’s free weekly collections. And remember you can keep your caddy fresh by lining it with a plastic bag. Simply use shopping bags, pedal bin liners or even bread bags.

For more information on food waste recycling and ways you can reduce your food waste, visit the food waste section of our website.