Banana milkshakeBanana milkshake

“Something I discovered last Christmas when waking up feeling weak after a very fun dinner party the night before! It ticked every box making me feel instantly better, taking just moments to make and most importantly, using up bananas that are just starting to turn.”


  • 1 banana (ideally one that is just starting to turn speckly)
  • 1 splash of milk – about half a glass
  • Frozen yoghurt or ice cream – I like to pull the stick out of a mango Solero and use this but you could use a scoop of just about anything.


  1. Place all the ingredients into a smoothie maker or if you have a stick blender, simply put them all into a bowl and blitz, adding milk if you require a thinner consistency. Enjoy and feel more energetic, instantly!
  2. Alternatively, if you have a bunch of bananas you can peel them wrap in cling film and freeze them overnight. Then in the morning, allow to soften for 20 minutes, put into a food processor and whizz until thick and creamy. Serve immediately or refreeze.


  • Bananas are really versatile and can be used for not only pancakes and desserts, but for curries, soups or even banana martinis!
  • Store bananas at room temperature and away from other fruits as they encourage other items to ripen faster.
  • Make a nice big loaf of banana bread, slice it up and put it in the freezer so you can pull it out when you want to eat it.

Recipe by Andrew Maxwell, Tante Marie Restaurant

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