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Simple tips to reduce food waste

These five simple hacks can help you reduce the amount of food you waste. The payback for you is that you’ll save money and help the environment.

  1. Serve the right portion
    • Swat up on your serving sizes to ensure you cook and serve the correct portions. Learn how to plan your portions.
  2. Plan your shops
    • Plan your meals before hitting the supermarket and only buy what you need. Find out more about how to plan your shops.
  3. Use up leftovers
    • There are lots of ways to use up leftover food including using up yoghurt, cheese and meat. Check out our database of leftover recipes.
  4. Use your freezer more
    • Make better use of your freezer by freezing meat, bread and hard cheese before they reach their use by date. Chill out with our freezer tips.
  5. Keep your fridge between 0 and 5°C
    • Most fridges are too warm. Cool down with our fridge tips.

Of course, some food waste is unavoidable. Any peelings, bones and things like eggshells and teabags can be put in the food caddy, which will then be recycled and turned into electricity. Find out about food waste recycling where you live.