What to compost

Compost bins

Most compost bins can be filled with garden waste such as grass cuttings, dried leaves and twigs, some food waste such as vegetable peelings and things like cardboard and straw. Green Johannas are hot compost bins that take cooked and uncooked food waste as well as garden waste. Both types of bin produce a nutrient-rich, peat-free compost that can be used to help gardens grow.

Food waste digesters

Food waste digesters take all food waste including meat, fish, dairy, bones and cooked food waste.

Green cones reduce food waste to its natural components of water, carbon dioxide and a small residue, which goes back into the soil.

Kitchen composters (also known as ‘bokashi’, which is Japanese for ‘fermentation’) are airtight containers that you keep indoors. Every time you add food waste, add a handful of bokashi bran, which contains micro-organisms and molasses that ferment the waste, turning it into a nutrient-rich compost and a liquid plant food.

Wormeries come in a range of shapes and sizes, and contain special worms that eat food waste. Wormeries produce a limited quantity of compost and liquid that makes a concentrated plant food.

We have partnered with Great Green Systems and HOTBINs, both supplier of compost bins, to offer Surrey residents reduced price compost bins and various compost bin products.