Surrey residents could save £700 a year by reducing their food waste

Latest research from WRAP shows that Surrey families could save as much as £700 a year just by cutting down on the amount of food they waste.

Britain throws away 4.5 million tonnes of food that could be eaten each year. The total worth of that food is around £14 billion which works out as £60 a month for the average family.

“No food needs to go to waste in Surrey.” said Surrey Environment Partnership Chair Councillor Marisa Heath. “By making small changes to our daily habits and continuing to recycle any food that cannot be eaten, Surrey residents are able to help make savings while also protecting the planet for future generations.”

At a time when every household is feeling the pinch, you can help save money and the planet by simply reducing your food waste. With our top tips, it’s easy to get started, so you can own your impact this winter by following the simple steps below.

  1. Plan shops and meals in advance – try using an app to help make sure you only buy what you need.
  2. Store your food right – keep your food fresher for longer by finding out the best ways to store it.
  3. Know your portions – avoid cooking too much by measuring out the correct serving sizes.

Surrey residents also benefit from free weekly food waste collections, so anything you can’t eat can be recycled in your food caddy. As well as being better for the environment, recycling food is cheaper for councils, so it helps save money that can be spent on essential services.

For more ideas on how to reduce food waste or to find out more about food waste collections visit our food waste section.