Surrey schools secure £6,000 for environmental projects as part of Rethink Waste

Five Surrey primary schools have been awarded a combined total of £6,000, which they will be using to deliver projects that benefit their environment, as part of our Rethink Waste scheme.

  • Cobham Free School won the top prize of £2,500 and will be using the funds to help construct a vertical garden and install solar panels.
  • The second prize of £1,500 was granted to Hurst Green Infant School to enhance its playground to safeguard wildlife.
  • Barnsbury Primary School in Woking received £1,000 to develop a rainwater garden.
  • Esher Church School and St Francis Catholic Primary School in Caterham were each awarded £500 to contribute to their green initiatives.

The schools were awarded funding after signing up to take part in Rethink Waste, in which over 7,000 Surrey households are currently taking part. Members collect points that can be donated to a multitude of causes, including but not limited to, supporting local schools. From 1 November 2023 to 29 February 2024, 4,108 donations were made, accumulating 685,760 points for 17 primary schools.

Of the win, Cobham Free School said: ‘We are delighted to have been involved with Rethink Waste. The activities were particularly interesting and helped our community develop knowledge about so many environmental topics.’

Second place Hurst Green Infant School were also pleased at its win, saying: ‘We have been absolutely blown away with how our school community got behind the initiative. It’s been a fantastic experience; it brought the school together and really engaged those who took part. There were also some great tips and ideas for reducing waste, so hopefully taking part will have helped the planet a little, too.’

Cllr Marisa Heath, Chair of the Surrey Environment Partnership, said: “Reducing what we throw away is one of the best things we can do to help fight climate change. So it’s fantastic to see so many Surrey residents coming together through Rethink Waste to learn about waste reduction and to donate to local schools so they can help the environment.”

A second phase of school donations is due to take place from 1 April to 14 June, with a further £6,000 prize fund available for schools that garner the most community support. Schools interested in this opportunity must register by 28 March. For schools interested in applying to take part, please contact us now.

If you want to join this incredible community helping their planet and their local community, join Rethink Waste now.