Washing a plastic container


Upcycling is the perfect way to refashion or repurpose items you might have otherwise thrown out.

Before splashing out on a new piece of furniture, why not try to upcycle your current piece? The easiest way to makeover any furniture is with a new coat of paint, you will be able to cover any wear and tear while adding a splash of colour to the room. Swapping out handles, hinges and hooks can also be a simple way to revamp old cupboards, wardrobes and tables.

If you’re interested in starting a new upcycling project, then we have some more ideas for you below. We love seeing and sharing your creations so please be sure to tag us in your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

  • Sweet and biscuit tins make for the perfect kitchen storage.
  • Plastic milk cartons can be transformed into watering cans, simply cut off one of the handles – the one that is left works as the spout.
  • An old ladder can double up as a bookshelf – with the right adjustments.
  • Plastic bottles can keep your spaghetti safe.
  • Empty jars make perfect candle holders, you can even decorate them with paint, string or ribbons.
  • Mount old books onto the walls for some vintage-inspired shelves.
  • Shipping pallets can be refashioned into an indoor herb garden or a plant wall.
  • CDs and DVDs quickly turn into new coasters.
  • Leftover fabric can be used to wrap presents.