Bag a bank holiday bargain with a half-price compost bin

This bank holiday weekend, take advantage of our amazing flash sale and grab yourself a half-price compost bin!

At a remarkably cheap £10.75, it’s the perfect present for your garden. And while we’re spending more time at home, it’s a great opportunity to do a bit more gardening and use the garden waste to make lovely, nourishing compost that can go straight back into the soil.

On offer is the 330 litre black compost bin, which can help you make nutrient-rich, peat-free compost that’s great for your garden, the planet and at 50% off is also good for your wallet!

To make compost, all that’s required is a simple mix of materials from your home and garden including leaves and branches, grass cuttings, vegetable peelings and cardboard. Your home-made compost can be used all around your garden to help it grow and flourish!

To buy your half-price compost bin, visit the Get Composting website between 23 and 25 May. Available while stocks last.