World Environment Day is a time to appreciate our surroundings

While we are spending more time at home and adapting to a new normal, we have also become more aware of nature flourishing around us. Whether it is waking up to a chorus of bird song, watching hedgehogs snuffling around the garden or spotting a lone butterfly pause to smell the roses, we are starting to appreciate our natural surroundings.

Caring for nature and encouraging wildlife to thrive is essential for maintaining a healthy environment. There are lots of ways we can help:

  • Make your garden more wildlife-friendly by planting flowers that encourage bees.
  • Cater for the creatures that visit your garden by making a bird or butterfly feeder.
  • Protect animals and plants by reducing your plastic consumption, opt for reusable items and recycle as much as possible.
  • Avoid using the car to explore, try to walk or cycle instead.
  • While out in the woods or countryside, stick to the paths to avoid disturbing delicate plants.

World Environment Day takes place Friday 5 June, this year’s theme is ‘time for nature’. To celebrate, the Surrey Environment Partnership team have been sharing the best pictures and videos from daily walks and bike rides – check out some of our favourites above! How will you be celebrating nature this World Environment Day?