Recycle it right

Are you confused about recycling? We all know it’s the right thing to do, but with so many items that can be recycled it’s not easy to remember the right way to do it.

That’s where the Surrey Recycles search tool and free app comes in. Simply enter your postcode and the item and you’ll get an instant answer on whether to reuse, recycle, compost or throw it away. It couldn’t be easier to use and sometimes you might even be surprised by the result.

Here are a few top tips on what to do with some items that often end up in the wrong bin:

  1. Clothes and home textiles – can be recycled but must be put in a small tied carrier bag and left for your collection or taken to a textiles recycling bank.
  2. Takeaway pizza boxes – can’t be recycled so need to go in the rubbish bin.
  3. Food waste – can be recycled but needs to go in your food waste caddy.
  4. Plastic film – can’t be recycled so needs to go in your rubbish bin.
  5. Takeaway coffee cups – can’t be recycled so need to go in the rubbish bin.
  6. Garden waste – can be recycled in a garden waste bin if you subscribe to a collection service, taken to a Community Recycling Centre or composted at home.
  7. Disposable nappies – can’t be recycled so need to go in the rubbish bin. Or why not try real nappies and halve your weekly rubbish?
  8. Polystyrene – can’t be recycled and needs to go in the rubbish bin.

Small changes can make a huge difference so why not take a look at our search tool or download the free Surrey Recycles app today and become recycling-confident.