Save the planet

Are you wasting too much?

Use our Binterrogator to help you Watch Your Waste

We all know that recycling our waste is a good thing, but it’s better for the planet and our pockets to reduce the amount of waste we produce in the first place.

The Binterrogator is a quick and easy tool that helps you record what you bin over a set period and come up with ideas to waste less and recycle more.

Quick steps to get started

  1. Download the Binterrogator here. You can print it out and fill in by hand or save it and update it on your computer.
  2. For ideas look at the example on the first page and try to complete each column. You can also use the links below to help you too.
  3. Pick a timeframe. A week between bin collections will give you a good sample. You could ‘binterrogate’ your recycling bin one week and your rubbish bin the next.
  4. Record and count items you throw away in each bin as you go along or wait until the bin is full and do it all at once.

What did you find out?

Looking at your ‘binterrogation’ results it’ll be easy to see what you could:

For more top tips visit our reduce, reuse and recycle page.

You can continue to Watch Your Waste by repeating the binterrogation a few weeks later to see how you’re doing. Why not involve children too? It’s a fun way to help with their knowledge and understanding of the world around us and how to look after it better. You’ll also save a heap of cash if you reuse more and save the planet by wasting less!

Share your binterrogations with us

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